CBD: Brett Erpelding Northland, Vapor Company & CBD

For those looking for alternative solutions to help with pain relief, anxiety, sleep problems or even to stop smoking, Northland Vapor Company has just what you need. CBD and other cannabinoids, like Delta 8, act as alternatives to heavy pharmaceutical medications that don’t come with side effects or even risk of addiction. Northland Vapor knows that not everyone has an understanding of CBD or Delta 8, so it’s their goal to make all customers feel welcome and leave with a better understanding of what cannabinoids can do for them!

CEO and Founder Brett Erpelding was motivated to start his first business after he stopped smoking cigarettes and noticed how much easier it was to walk up a flight of stairs. Northland Vapor Company & CBD has countless testimonials from family, friends and hundreds of customers. “Those kinds of stories are why we continue to grow our business into a world of healthier alternatives for everyone,” said Brett Erpelding. Northland Vapor & CBD has multiple F/M locations with a NEW store opening soon in downtown Fargo.

Northland Vapor Company & CBD
115 8th St S
Moorhead, MN 56560


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