Cryotherapy: Pam Bradow, Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy was established in 2016 by Pam Bradow, a retired dental hygienist who faced serious injuries following an automobile accident. In the aftermath, Bradow found that cryotherapy, in conjunction with other therapies, helped her mind and body respond for a quicker recovery. From her experience, Bradow knew she wanted to move back to the FM area and help others be proactive about their health and wellness using a different more holistic approach. Cryotherapy isn’t your regular ice pack.

Cryotherapy consists of using low temperatures (ranging from -190 to -240 F) to increase blood circulation, speeding up injury recovery, enhancing the immune system, aiding in managing migraine pain, mood, skin conditions and more. A Whole Body session can consist of standing in the cryosauna while your head is exposed, or with a Local session by targeting specific areas of the body. Cryotherapy cools the skin to 30-50 degrees while the muscles stay warm, triggering a variety of health benefits that stem from the two-three minute process, which increases the oxygen and enzymes in the blood and reduces systemic inflammation.

At their core, Glacial Peak Cryotherapy serves the community by helping all people from all walks of life benefit from a healthier lifestyle. From assisting an athlete with stamina and quick recovery, to helping a six-year-old with growing pains, to even slowing down the aging process, everyone can benefit from cryotherapy. Glacial Peak Cryotherapy has been serving the community for over five years and was the first cryotherapy center in the state!

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy
3139 Bluestem Dr 116
West Fargo, ND 58078


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