Steffes FACES
Steffes FACES

Face Of Auctioneer Services: Max Steffes, Steffes Group, Inc.

Steffes Group, Inc. and its contributing divisions are primarily engaged in the liquidation and management of Ag-related assets. Since 1960, they have been busy selling everything from the latest combines and tractors to tillable farm acreage to hay and livestock. Although their primary focus is Ag related, Steffes Group, Inc. also regularly sells and is readily able to market an array of assets like construction equipment, large estates, and an assortment of business holdings.

When it comes to standing out above the crowd, Steffes takes pride in four main things: their people, heritage, experience, and their track record. Through the last decade, Steffes has also invested substantially into their website and proprietary bidding platform which gives them control and autonomy to serve their clients and customers in Fargo-Moorhead, whom they value deeply. “Most people in Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding regions that we operate in are humble and hard-working,” says Max Steffes, who has been a real estate broker for eight years, and is a grandson to founder Bob Steffes. “[The Red River Valley] is an area that is easy to recruit talent with upbringings and attitudes our clients and customers can relate to.”

Steffes Group, Inc.

2000 Main Ave E

West Fargo, ND 58078


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