City of Fargo Engineering FACES 2
City of Fargo Engineering FACES 2

Face Of City Engineering: Jonathan Braski & Brenda Derrig, The City of Fargo

Jonathan Braski is a GIS Technician for The City of Fargo, helping map out the underground utilities in their spatial database and providing any mapping needs to employees or the general public.

Braski may not provide a service that has direct ties to the public (in person), but his efforts help the community run smoothly and effectively. For example, Braski maps out street utilities, helping ensure thousands of street lights and signals are maintained and tracked. He also creates floodplain maps which provide valuable data and models for flood preparation.

“I love the idea of being able to help anyone and everyone that is in our community, no matter who they may be,” says Braski. “Team Fargo has been a welcoming, inclusive, and overall great place to work!”

As City Engineer, Brenda Derrig runs a department which serves residents a variety of ways. From flood protection to traffic solutions and rightof-way management, the Engineering Department plays an important role in many aspects. Derrig, who has been a member of the Engineering team since 1992, says it is important to not forget the impact the work has on residents.

“It’s all about the people,” says Derrig. She and her team take pride in tackling problems alongside residents while acting both honestly and respectfully. For example, Derrig’s team created a new infrastructure funding plan which reduced special assessment costs for residents.

She says one of the greatest challenges her team will continue to tackle is creating and maintaining infrastructure that will serve Fargo for decades to come, while accommodating continued regional growth.

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