AckermanEstvold FACES
AckermanEstvold FACES

Face Of Civil Engineering: Tim Arens, PE, Ackerman-Estvold

Ackerman-Estvold is a full-service architectural and civil engineering consulting firm serving clients throughout North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. Their exceptional team is composed of highly experienced individuals with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of architecture and civil engineering. Tim Arens, Registered Professional Engineer at AckermanEstvold, is the transportation team lead and office manager at the Fargo branch. He has nearly 20 years of construction and engineering experience, specializing in traffic and transportation. “We are a small, family-oriented firm,” says Arens. “We’re big enough to handle a lot of projects–but small enough to be on a personal level.” One of the core values of Ackerman-Estvold is to give back and serve the communities they serve. “We integrate our clients to become part of our family.”

Ackerman-Estvold’s current team of more than 50 professionals includes civil engineering staff members, professional engineers, registered architects, architectural design staff, construction inspectors, GIS specialists, drone pilots, financial specialists, communications specialists, administrative staff members, and professional land surveyors. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of infrastructure and construction has been brought to a halt; however, this challenging time gave Ackerman-Estvold the opportunity to focus on strategies and diversify projects. According to Arens, the forecast [for infrastructure] looks good and a lot of projects are being designed and ready for a busy 2021, in efforts to kickstart the economy.


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