SandysDonuts FACES
SandysDonuts FACES

Face Of Donuts: Mark Ostlund & Jeff Ostlund, Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop

Sandy’s Donuts has become a household name in Fargo-Moorhead, providing some of the most delicious, unique, and decorative donuts in the Red River Valley. What many may not realize, however, is the Cinderella story of how Sandy’s came to be. Founder Sandy Ostlund lost his job running a trucking company in 1983 at 52 years old and began searching for what the next chapter was. A friend suggested a donut shop, knowing Sandy enjoyed making donuts at home for family and friends.

At 52 when most people are starting to plan for retirement, Sandy was starting his next career. Sandy’s Donuts was born in September of 1983, becoming an instant hit.

Sandy and his wife Donna put in many long nights and days to get started, often sleeping in the back room at the shop. Their son Mark joined them after six months and eventually took over running it in 2002. In October of 2008, Sandy passed away–but has left a lasting legacy to his family, friends, and this community.

“From the moment people walk in, I want them to think of ‘fun’ when they think of Sandy’s Donuts,” says Mark. “It is one of our core values.” After adding a downtown Fargo store in 2014 and a South Fargo store in 2019, Mark is now starting to think about retirement and handing over the reins to his own son Jeff. After serving four years in the Marines and getting a business degree from NDSU, Jeff is up to the challenge of keeping his Grandfather’s legacy alive.

Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop

FARGO, ND 58102

4215 45th ST S
FARGO, ND 58104

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