Pro Resources New FACES 1
Pro Resources New FACES 1

Face Of HR and Payroll Services: Paul Highness & Kriss Burns, PRO Resources

As a business owner, you are an expert in your field of business. You chose that industry because you have expertise in that field. However, you may not be an expert in maintaining the administrative responsibilities of employee management.
When you partner with PRO Resources, you gain expertise in Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Health Care Reform, Workers’ Compensation Management, Safety Compliance, Employee Assistance Program, Wellness,
and more!

Paul Highness is the managing partner of PRO Resources Fargo branch, which he
and his partners launched in 2013. Paul is an entrepreneur by nature, helping launch startup companies, opening a couple of his own, flipping properties, and worked briefly in the non-profit world. He has a diverse background with a passion for business development.

“Authentic. Accountable. Action-oriented– That’s what you get when you work with me,” says HR Business Consultant Kriss Burns. “We are exceptional at establishing,
developing, and maintaining strong, longterm business relationships.”

A partnership with PRO lessens your workload so you can focus on activities that allow your business to thrive and be more profitable. PRO Resources takes

what could be a challenging process, and makes it more efficient and successful for

PRO Reso

PRO Resources

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