Herd Horns FACES
Herd Horns FACES

Face Of North Fargo Sports Bar: Nick Swanson, Herd & Horns

Herd & Horns was founded in August 2015 and is owned and operated by NDSU Alumni. Of the 50 staff that work for them, 75% have either a direct connection to campus or are enrolled as students.

It is beyond just a campus-themed establishment and is open to all ages. Often
times, you will see the faces of faculty and alumni. The food is more elevated than your typical bar and grill. All ground beef is sourced locally from NDSU and at the bar, you can find over 21 tap beers. Mix in a neighborhooddriven atmosphere and great service-there is something for everyone.

The space is very community orientated and is often a destination when local sporting events or concerts occur. It doubles as a location to hold events such as groom’s dinners, business meetings, charity events, and more.

With its dynamic team orientated structure it truly serves as a fun stopping point for students to get their feet wet in customer service or restaurant management along with giving them the experience they can use towards future career paths to better themselves.

Herd & Horns

1414 12th Ave N F

Fargo, ND 58102



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