Meet the Faces of Fine Dining: Mezzaluna


Joe Brunner, Co-Owner/Executive Chef & Taylor Snelling, Co-Owner/Operator

Mezzaluna is an upscale eatery in downtown Fargo that offers regionally inspired dishes, creative cocktails, and a focused wine list. In addition to excellent food, they strive to build an atmosphere that creates memories.

Taylor Snelling began his journey at Mezzaluna in 2014 as a server. In just over a year, he was promoted to General Manager. Today, he is the CoOwner and Operator of Mezzaluna.

“I’m a big dreamer,” Taylor said. “As soon as I started hitting different career milestones, my dreams kept getting bigger.”

Joseph Brunner, Co-Owner and Executive Chef, started in the restaurant industry back in high school, working as a busboy and dishwasher. It was there his interest in cooking professionally was sparked, leading him to co-own Mezzaluna alongside Taylor.

“The Fargo-Moorhead area is special to me because this is where I have grown up. I learned most of what I know about food while living here,” Joe said. “Taking what I’ve learned and giving back to the community in ways of our food and service is special.”

309 Roberts St N
Fargo, ND 58102
701.364.9479 M

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