Brent Tabor

Millennial Living: Brent Tabor, The Bridges Apartments

The Bridges has an approach to change the standard for apartment housing. After you catch a glimpse inside the progressive concept design of The Bridges, you might just want to re-enroll in college. The student-focused property is attractive to all ages. As a facility with individual leases, a resident only pays for their individual bedroom and bathroom, rather than sharing a cost with other roommates. If any number of roommates were to move out of the unit, they won’t feel that burden. This is just one of the many ways that The Bridges is changing the landscape of student (and beyond) housing.

Looking for a new location but don’t have a roommate? The Bridges accommodates roommate matching, where they have the capability to assign roommates based on a select series of questions with a roommate matching form to get paired up with others based on class schedules, hobbies and school activities. In the chance that it doesn’t work out, they’re more than willing to relocate to a different room as efficiently as possible.

The complex is all-inclusive, meaning endless amenities, complete with fully furnished units, controlled access, bike storage, garbage, sewer, water, electricity, underground parking, free cable TV and high-speed internet access, a state-of-the-art courtyard, a fitness center and much more, all across the street from the main NDSU campus. With all the amenities it’s hard to find what The Bridges isn’t doing to offer the ultimate living experience.

“At The Bridges, you will see an abundance of study rooms throughout the common areas. The focus of The Bridges is to stay school-oriented and extend the campus life for residents,” Tabor said.

The Bridges Apartments

1601 N University Dr.
Fargo, ND 58102


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