Seed: Brian Petermann, Steve Tobolt, Paul Adams & John Sorby | Thunder Seed

Formed in 1995 by local farm and seed conditioning families in the Red River Valley, Thunder Seed grows and sells genetically advanced, high-yielding seed for customers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Western Canada. Thunder Seed combines its extensive experience in genetics with the latest innovations and technologies to match seed traits with regionally specific climate and soil demands. The results are excellent emergence, exceptional yields, outstanding agronomics and, most of all, greater profitability; all of which result in high retention rates and growth in sales, year after year.

Thunder Seed is known for putting farmers first by confidently building relationships, trust and rapport with customers. They understand the best soybean, corn and silage harvests begin with the seed. They also understand what growers’ needs are, because they are working the same soils and facing the same weather conditions as their customers.

Thunder Seed has grown exponentially since 1995. As their team, which consists of leading sales and agronomy employees, continues to expand, they continue to be second to none in customer service.

Thunder Seed
806 Center Ave W
Dilworth, MN 56529


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