Wealth Management: Tom Stadum, Founder & CEO, Fjell Capital

Fjell Capital is a nationally recognized wealth management firm based in Fargo working to solve the problems business owners and tech professionals face. With a flexible fee structure, transparent delivery of services and a focused clientele, Fjell Capital has been growing rapidly this year, even amongst the challenging backdrop of a slowing economy and volatile markets.

We’ve found this year that many people are coming to us to be their trusted advisors. Our recently released service offering for next-gen clients, Odyssey, has been a massive success in our market,” says Founder and CEO, Tom Stadum. “We are growing far faster than traditional wealth managers in our area. Successful millennials have different balance sheets, needs and desires, and Odyssey was built for them. We found a large appetite for our subscription fee model and an appreciation of how we manage assets for this younger clientele with Odyssey, whether that’s in the form of an operating business, RSUs, real estate or equity portfolios.”

The Fjell Capital team currently has six team members, all based in Fargo.

Fjell Capital
27 10th St N
Fargo, ND 58102


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