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US Army Career Counselors, Dakota District Recruiting Company

Since 1775, the US Army has defended our nation’s freedom and safety while also providing stability during challenging times. As the largest US military branch, they honor a legacy rooted in freedom and lead by example with core values every Soldier lives by. Whether you’re hoping to make a difference locally or globally, the US Army’s team of dedicated non-commissioned officers is available to help guide you in your journey, no matter your goals and passions.

The Army is representative of the American people they serve, with demographic diversity continuing to grow among their ranks. They value the uniqueness of each Soldier’s background and embrace these differences to make the Army an inclusive, powerful organization that puts people first. Their focus is to ensure you can be the best at your job so they can be the best at theirs— protecting our great nation and its people.

Furthermore, the US Army’s mission and passion is you and your career, and they find it rewarding to watch people succeed in the Army whether it’s through active duty, Reserve, or ROTC. In the Army and Army Reserve, you get to choose your career! With 150 jobs to choose from, you decide what your future will be.

Beyond serving the people of the nation, US Army Soldiers’ responsibility is to the people of the community. In the FMWF community, you can find recruiters from the Fargo Station coaching high school wrestling, golf, trap, and skeet, as well as volunteering at school events. They are also active in 4H programs, Toys for Tots, and veteran programs across the state.

The US Army offers many great benefits, including enlistment bonuses up to $50,000, high-quality low or no-cost healthcare, better rates on home loans, up to full college tuition covered, tuition assistance and loan repayment, and many more! To learn about these great benefits and uncover what paths await you, speak to US Army & Reserve Recruiting today.

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