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Hearing allows us to appreciate the beauty of music, the rhythm of language, and the soothing sounds of nature. It connects us to the voices of our loved ones, allowing for communication, understanding, and emotional connection. The team at Hearing Solutions understands this wholeheartedly.

Hearing Solutions started 21 years ago with three professionals coming together to bring 70 years of experience into one clinic. Dr. James Frisk, his son Dr. Matthew Frisk, and Brad Grondahl from the Fargo Hearing Aid Center combined clinics to form Hearing Solutions in early 2000. David Ross was introduced a year later and has added expertise in the fitting of high-end amplification to patients with mild to profound hearing loss.

Hearing Solutions has repair options for all makes of hearing aids and most aids are repaired in office. “Ear wax is our natural enemy with hearing aids due to the fact that it infiltrates the receiver and in many cases the microphones,” Hearing aid specialist David Ross explains. “We are able to change wax traps as well as clean microphone ports to ensure that patients experience a long life to the electronic investments in their ears.”

Hearing Solutions was the first clinic in North Dakota to offer cochlear implantation evaluation and programming thanks to the rigorous training Dr. Matthew Frisk received at the University of Louisiana, the University of Florida, and his factory training in cochlear and advanced bionics. Dr. Frisk has been able to provide cochlear implant patients the gift of hearing when unable to meet the demands of their hearing loss.

Co-owners David Ross and Matthew Frisk, AuD employ a team of professionals, Dr. Emily Huber, Dani Brotchard, and Kim Essig to evaluate and manage hearing instrumentation. Hearing Solutions is the only private practice clinic in Fargo to offer complete hearing care with microscopy-aided ear cleanings, a full hearing assessment, and is trusted with the Fargo Public School systems to provide testing and treatment for hearing-impaired children within the district.

Hearing Solutions
2700 12th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103

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