Meet the Faces of Commercial & Residential Fencing: Dakota Fence


Joe Currier, Amy Mickelson & John Currier

Dakota Fence is a family-owned business spanning three generations. Founders Dave Currier, his brother Dan Currier, and their father Dick Currier all joined forces and started the company from their backyard garage in 1972. The family business soon outgrew the garage and transformed into the company you know today.

The company’s success in the 1970s led to the creation of multiple companies along the way. DFC Company became the parent company to Dakota Fence and several additional operating companies—Dakota Playground, 3D Specialties, Sign Solutions USA, Park & Play USA, Town & Country Fence, Dakota Unlimited, International Security Products, and DFC Property Management.

DFC Company and its operating companies sell and install all types of fencing, traffic control equipment, highway guardrail, commercial playgrounds, park site amenities, signs, and more. In 2015, Joe Currier took over as President and CEO of DFC Company. Joe and his siblings, John Currier and Amy Mickelson, own DFC Company and steer it into the future.

At Dakota Fence and its sister companies, they strive to provide quality products, superior service, and competitive pricing every time. Plus, the team is committed to safety, teamwork, accountability, and service in everything they do.

Along with winning numerous awards, including the Locals Love Us “Best In Fence” award this year, Dakota Fence and DFC Company prioritize giving back to the community. In fact, DFC Company has several committees designed to help their employees give back.

The True Blue Committee is an elected group of employees from all branches and departments who research volunteer opportunities and encourage others to use their volunteer hours, which are given to every full-time employee. The Giving Committee is tasked with allocating funds to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and other local organizations in need. Furthermore, DFC Company holds an annual United Way campaign, and all funds given by employees are matched by ownership.

What began as a backyard operation with three employees has grown to over 500 Blue Family team members across six branches and 10 operating companies. However, after all these years, DFC Company is still a family business, and is proud to serve the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo community.

Dakota Fence
1110 25th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102

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