Meet the Faces of Heavy Equipment: General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.


Sara Frith, Ann Pollert, Meghan Fitzgerald, Nathan Dokkebakken, & Austin Breitbach

What started as a small business founded in 1984 by four former employees of General Diesel and Equipment has now grown to a company with more than 250 employees and nine locations across the United States and Canada. General Equipment & Supplies serves multiple industries including construction, aggregate, mining, oil, exploration, and agriculture, and is unique in that they can service any make or model of equipment. They’ve worked with customers as local as the North Dakota and South Dakota region, and as far as Mauritania, Africa, and China.

In addition to their long-range impact, General Equipment has an unwavering commitment to the long-term success of their customers. They truly take time to listen and understand customers’ needs while having a laser focus on being flexible and easy to do business with. Over the past 39 years, they have built trust with customers who know they do the right thing.

General Equipment prides itself on having a positive work culture. They genuinely care about each other, their families, customers, and communities and when the work day ends, the friendships continue. Throughout the year, they do fun things like water balloon fights, Dilly Bar Fridays, Easter egg hunts, cornhole tournaments, picnics, hockey games, movie nights, and more. While the team works hard to get the job done, they also know there is more to life than just work. Another great benefit is their annual employee sponsorship dollars in which their team members are able to use funds in their community to get involved in activities or causes they are passionate about, which can range from fishing leagues to running marathons or even supporting cancer benefits.

On the technical service side, they have two expert in-house trainers, one who focuses on their Aggregate Equipment product lines and one who focuses on their Construction Equipment product lines. The trainers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and innovations, and train their technicians to provide the best service for customers.

General Equipment engages in ongoing leadership development training. They have quarterly meetings with employees to gain feedback and ideas on improvements and are continuously looking for ways to do better. They recently rolled out a Customer Experience Philosophy Training that was developed after doing face-to-face interviews with open, honest discussions with their customers and gathering priceless information.

In addition, General Equipment has a partnership with local colleges. Since 2016, they’ve graduated 46 students from diesel technology programs and have retained over 90% of them as employees! Within the next two years, their goal is to graduate another 30 more.

General Equipment & Supplies, Inc
4300 Main Ave
Fargo, ND 58103

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