Meet the Face of Breakfast: The Shack on Broadway


Stacy Jones, Owner

The Shack on Broadway provides homestyle cooking that evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity for patrons. More than that, they boast a warm and friendly staff. The Shack strives to create an experience that goes beyond satisfying hunger— they aim to foster a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Stacy Jones, Owner, has dedicated more than a decade to The Shack, having initially started as part of the front-of-house team before buying the iconic restaurant.

“When Tanya, the previous owner, expressed her intention to sell, I saw an opportunity to fulfill my dream without starting from scratch. Supported by my exceptional staff and the loyalty of our valued customers, I knew it was a decision I couldn’t go wrong with,” Stacy said.

With their signature home-style food and unparalleled service, it’s no surprise The Shack on Broadway has secured the coveted title of Best Breakfast in the FMWF area for 11 consecutive years.

“This remarkable achievement can be attributed in large part to our outstanding team of cooks and Mike Erickson, our kitchen manager,” Stacy said. “Their dedication and expertise consistently delivers unparalleled breakfast experiences.”

The Shack on Broadway
3215 Broadway N
Fargo, ND 58102

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