Meet the Face of CBD: Northland Vapor & CBD


Brett Erpelding, CEO & Founder

Brett Erpelding discovered his passion for harm reduction and alternative solutions when he quit smoking cigarettes. At the age of 26, Brett founded Northland Vapor, and within two years, he opened his first brick-and-mortar shop in Moorhead. Since then, he has been sharing his passion for CBD and other alternative solutions with the FMWF area.

Brett works hard to ensure Northland Vapor is not your average smoke shop. He brings a fun and fresh perspective while offering a warm and inviting atmosphere to anyone who stops by. Thanks to Northland Vapor’s expansive selection and highly knowledgeable staff, customers can easily find exactly what they’re looking for. Plus, many of their products are manufactured in-house with strict quality control to ensure customers get the best product possible!

“Northland Vapor & CBD is focused on harm reduction and helping the community,” Brett said. “We believe that everyone deserves a place where they can ask questions and get help finding exactly what they need to help them live a happier and healthier life.”

Northland Vapor & CBD
310 Main Ave Ste 160
Fargo, ND 58103

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