Meet the Faces of Swanson Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Swanson Hyperbarics


Swanson Hyperbarics’ mission? Helping patients heal naturally. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) delivers more of what your body needs to heal and recover, with pure oxygen under pressure.

Medical Director, Arden Beachy, MD Swanson Hyperbarics, leads a team that includes three Certified Hyperbaric Technologists, two are also Hyperbaric Facility Safety Directors. Combined, they bring over 50 years of experience to help make sure your experience is a smooth and safe one.

In addition to HBOT, Swanson Hyperbarics also offers the relaxing HOCATT, which bathes the body in steam, bacteria-killing ozone, carbonic acid, and frequency-specific microcurrents. This helps to detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, and more.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) is a simple, twelve-minute session that can help with pain, stiffness, and general wellness by caring for the body at the cellular level.

These unique combinations make Swanson Hyperbarics your destination for natural healing and wellness!

Swanson Hyperbarics
3541 25th St S
Fargo, ND 58104

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