Meet the Face of Gourmet Snacks: Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks


Clayton E. Cottman, CEO

Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks is a snack food manufacturing company with a mission to disrupt the snack food industry by reimagining classic snack food items with a gourmet twist. Their flagship product Charlie’s Chow is available in a range of flavors including everything from Brownie Truffle and Peanut Butter Cup to new fan favorites like Banana Split and Key Lime Pie, each one crafted with care and passion.

In addition to creating delicious snacks, Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks is dedicated to sourcing ingredients from local companies and suppliers wherever possible. Around 75% of their ingredients are sourced locally, which in turn supports the community’s economy and ensures the freshness and quality of their snacks. They also emphasize sustainable, non-GMO ingredients in their products, and have reduced their carbon footprint by 20% in the last year!

Ultimately, Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks is built on a platform of community, and gives back to the community whenever possible. Whether it’s partnering with local school districts for fundraising initiatives or supporting local food drives and other projects, they believe in the power of food to bring people together

Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks
1630 1st Ave N Ste B
Fargo, ND 58102

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