Meet the Face of Hunting: Scheels


Devin Hofmann

Devin Hofmann grew up hunting and fishing every moment he could. Devin started working for SCHEELS part-time in 2020, and when he had the opportunity to turn his passion for hunting into a fulltime career as a Hunting Manager at SCHEELS, he seized it. “I grew up hunting and fishing and I still enjoy laying out in the field and dropping a line in the water,” Devin said.

“In my role now, I get to talk with customers about their passion for hunting and help them find what they need. It’s so fun to hear their stories about all the amazing hunting adventures they have been on, and it’s rewarding when customers come back in and tell me all about their trip SCHEELS got them geared up for.”

Devin gets to create lasting relationships with customers, helping them find that special gun, a new decoy or call, and the right gear and clothing for their next hunting trip.

“What I love most about my role at SCHEELS is that my work is fun, and every day is different. Every person I work with loves their job. We are all passionate about helping each and every customer find what they are looking for when they walk through our doors.”

1551 45th St S
Fargo, ND 58103

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