Meet the Faces of Employee Benefits: HUB International, Great Plains


Nick Killoran, Taylor Vaughan & Trish Sorenson

In today’s competitive job market, the Employee Benefits Team at HUB International can help your business stay relevant within the current hiring landscape. Their team, Nick, Taylor, and Trish will work closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive benefits package that meets the needs and expectations of you and your employees. They have expertise in a wide range of benefits, including healthcare, wellness programs, retirement plans, and more.

Did you know that staying compliant with HR regulations requires ongoing training and education for HR professionals, managers, and employees? HUB offers a variety of HR education opportunities their clients can take advantage of, including webinars, training programs, and workshops, not to forget local events such as their Annual Compliance and Benefits Summit, pop-up events such as Let’s Talk Medicare: For HR Professionals, and mental health talks such as Mental Health as a Business Strategy. Many of these opportunities have been pre-approved to earn HRCI and SHRM credits! (To be added to an invite list for upcoming HR functions, email trish.sorenson@hubinternatonal. com)

Staying informed about industry trends and market practices is essential when designing benefits packages. By partnering with the Employee Benefits Team at HUB International, your business can benefit from their expertise, tailored solutions, compliance support, cost management strategies, effective communication, and industry insight to remain relevant and competitive in attracting and retaining employees.

HUB International, Great Plains
3220 4th St E STE 201
West Fargo, ND 58078

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