Meet the Faces of Healthcare Equipment Recycling: HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization


Executive Director, Tonya Sirleaf & Team

The vision for HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization, began 27 years ago with a group of operating room nurses who, led by their founder Deanna Micheli, saw how many usable excess materials were accumulating from the hospital. As they began collecting supplies and redistributing them to medical mission teams, they saw a need in the local community and shifted efforts inward.

Today, HERO’s goal is to collect and redistribute donated healthcare equipment and supplies to benefit those in need. HERO provides reasonably priced healthcare supplies through their retail center and for a minimum cost through their HERO’s Cares Referral program. All viable excess medical equipment and supplies are handled in an environmentally safe manner, promoting recycling through redistribution.

With the help of over 7,500 volunteers who’ve donated 65,000 hours, HERO’s supplies have served over 55,000 individuals locally and reached more than 140 countries with life-changing medical supplies.

HERO’s mission is to provide access to affordable medical equipment and supplies for all. HERO’s retail store and donation center are open to the public. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Visit to shop or donate today!

5012 53rd St S STE C
Fargo, ND 58104

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