Scheels FACES 8
Scheels FACES 8

Face Of Shoes: Nathan Christenson, SCHEELS

Nathan Christenson has been with the SCHEELS’ Team of Experts for almost four years, helping customers find the perfect pair of shoes for every adventure that comes their way. Christenson’s roots of running and spending time outdoors as a kid sparked a passion and knowledge of footwear, and the role they play in an individual’s lifestyle.

Christenson dedicates himself to helping customers find the perfect pair by learning about their footwear experiences and what they want out of a new pair: “I will ask about what they have used in the past and if it worked well for them or not,” says Christenson, who has a detailed approach in helping the customer find the best fit. It’s not just the products that set SCHEELS apart from other retailers, however, it’s the people with a passion–the faces of SCHEELS. “Having this passion allows us to connect with the customer on a greater level than any other retail store,” says Christenson. “We want to see them happy with their purchase more than anything!” With the Spring season in full swing, Christenson is excited about the new line of Sorel’s that SCHEELS will be carrying for the first time.

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